Merry Christmas, I'm Broke

by Ryan Dishen

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This was written and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.


released December 17, 2014

Ryan Dishen- Composed etc.
Kaedi Maney- sang some sweet backup on the chorus.



all rights reserved


Ryan Dishen Nashville, Tennessee

Ryan originates from Central and Northern California and is now based out of Nashville, TN.
He has been singing his way across the US and through Europe within the last 4 years, bringing his witty and energetic performance to the stage.
Influenced by the old country music of his youth and his background in punk-rock, Ryan's uptempo music offers frighteningly honest lyrics, and lasting melodies.
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Track Name: Merry Christmas, I'm Broke
Merry Christmas, I'm Broke

It's Christmas time
everybody wants to get real drunk & celebrate
the birth of Jesus Christ
with Christmas trees, and Deck the Halls
and all the stupid holiday madness in the malls
it's tiring... Where did it all go wrong?

Whoa ohh ohh ohh Ohh ohh ohh ohh oh

Sleigh bells ring
and I'm just standing in the cold & wondering
if Jack Frost is on coke!
And I'd like to buy lots of gifts
but suddenly I'm broke that's why I'm caroling
let's all break out in an obnoxious song!

Fa la la la
Fa la la la la la it's Christmas
It only comes this time of year!

Fa la la la
Fa la la la la la it's Christmas
I apologize, if you don't celebrate, for all our festive cheers!

and family members wrapping presents while they're arguing
and the fire magically glows
I wish I had myself an elf or two
one to do my shopping and one to sing for me
so I can put down my guitar and drink

And I've been far away from home
and it sure would be nice
to have a Christmas like the ones on ABC
But I don't intend to write a single Christmas card
'cause I spent my last dime
on my flight
so I can get back home so we can sing!

"Fa la la la ----"

I'll be home for Christmas
but I don't think I'll have a gift for you...